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Training and Coaching

WYL Power Workshops

The Power of doing What You Love – WYL Power Workshops

Nik is an experienced Psychologist, who in over a decade helped thousands of Clients. Utilising the 3rd wave Psychological approaches to training and treatment called Functional Contextualism (contextualscience.org), Nik has developed a framework called WYL Power.  The advantages of this approach is that it generates ‘positive motivation’ from the participants to actively engage in the workshop.  Such experiences are personally rewarding and result in the participants continuing to grow their skills long after the workshop is completed.  Nik’s training is heavily experiential as he believes that the best way we learn is through our own lived experience.  During his workshops, Nik offers participants an opportunity to have positive lived experiences. 

See real growth in your or your staff through this cutting-edge approach to coaching.

Workshops typically requested:

  • Performance Enhancement
  • Team Building
  • Health & Safety (OH&S) Attitude
  • Building Confidence/ Recovering from Fear of Failure
  • Compassion / Fear of Self-Criticism
  • Building Vital, Close Relationships
  • Emotional Intelligence/ Resilience
  • Self-Care for the Carer/ Health Worker
  • Adjustment, Loss, and Grief
  • Working with Difficult Clients
  • Workshop of your choice ______________________ ?

“I really enjoyed learning about a new approach to therapy. Nik was a great speaker and presenter – welcoming to questions, approachable and ensured we (audience) was on the same page before moving forward” – Olivia M. Counsellor

“I am now wanting to learn more!… it was really interesting to integrate these concepts into my framework…”

“Really happy with the day, thank you Nik…”

“very welcoming to questions and ensuring we’re all on the same page”

“his attitude and sense of openness, also being very welcoming”

“very creative with exercises”

“I found this workshop through university students site. I was curious about the therapy and i find it very useful, even to make me understand more about myself. And hopefully, this will be very useful and beneficial to help my future Clients” – Bernie E. Postgraduate Student

“very enjoyable experience”

“good use of examples to illustrate points”

“Engaging, Excellent”

 “Great workshop, good content, and well presented. Thank you!”

“helpful tips and ideas…”

“very useful”

“it was all helpful”

“Really enjoyed the learning and engaging facilitation”

“helpful role-plays and debriefs…”

 “Nik explained the meaning and purpose in all areas of the model”

Some of the workshops that Nik has delivered:

  • Confrontation – Pine Rivers Neighbourhood Centre Staff Training – coping skills for staff
  • Cultural Diversity Training – to Centacare Employment Group Staff
  • QLD Health Staff – brief ACT based Self-Care skills to Haematology and BMT Unit Staff
  • Obesity Prevention and Treatment – 2hr workshop through MHPN
  • Better Life Centre Staff training – a series of 3 workshops to improve coping and self-care
  • Suicide and Substance – MHPN presentation delivered at the Suicide Prevention Network
  • QLD Relaxation Centre – ACT based workshop
  • Psychology of Confidence and Motivation – Mind Zone (ME) anniversary workshops for the public
  • ACT and Chronic Illness – Conference presentation ANZACT ACBS Conference 2016
  • Clinical applications of ACT – full-day training requested by the Queensland Counsellors Association
  • Bouncing Back from Adversity and Succeeding – group treatment workshops
  • Relationships and ACT – Conference presentation 2017