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ACT for Chronic Pain


I’ve come across this article, smiled, and wanted to share it with you:


Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (Training) is the modern form of treatment that is pronounced as a verb ‘ACT’.  It is because of its ACTive nature, where long-lasting changes are gained not only through talking, but also through practising new and helpful skills.  ACT has been generating exponential research evidence and becoming more and more widely used.  In this post, I mention the example of using ACT for Chronic Pain.

The message is becoming more understood.  And it is a difficult message to convey.  There is more than one way to experience pain.  Same pain.  Different experience.  Most of us can relate to having gotten hurt in play without even realising it.  But the same type or even lesser injury under different circumstances might feel like torture.

Humans are amazing learners.  We get better at anything we do.  Even suffering.  We can get better and better at unworkable strategies and get stuck more and more.  If you are like me and have been on this planet for a while, you too have suffered.  ACT is a compassionate approach that helps Clients develop skills to relate to their pain differently, free resources that were entangled in the suffering, and focus these on building valued life.  A worthy prize in my opinion!